Who else can use Super7s?

Golf Clubs / Pro Shops

  • Starting a Super7s Premiership for your members is an ideal way to add another dimension to your members golfing experience
    • Creates banter, involvement, community
  • You can run premierships for ...
    • different playing days
    • different handicap ranges
  • Your prizes can be cash or goods
    • Having goods as prizes provides you with another income stream
  • You just need one person to update the results after single events
    • There is quick access to GolfLink to retrieve results
    • The Premiership Table is automatically emailed to every participant each week
  • Click here to see the format explained for your members


  • Run a Super7s Premiership to create some fun for your clients
  • Participants do not have to be from the same club
    • They just need a GolfLink Number
    • You would update results every week
      • using the players 'Handicapping Score' (Stableford Score)
      • if the player was in a single event their score will count towards the premiership

Social GOLF Clubs

  • Instead of using the 'Handicapping Score' in GolfLink, simply convert the players score to a Stableford score.

CORPORATIONS / Associations

  • Create some friendly competition amongst the golfers in your organisation
  • Golfers will need to be a member of a golf club in Australia and have a GolfLink No.


  • Golfers outside Australia can join in the fun too.
  • You just need to be able to easily obtain a Stableford Score for each player
    • If you cannot do this easily, then do not start a Super7s Premiership

Click here to establish your own Super7s Golf Premiership


CORPORATIONS, Associations and Golf Stores ... 

Golfing Liaisons can run your Super7s Golf Premiership for you.
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