A little knowledge goes a fairway

  • Web-based golf stats program
  • Summarises your last 12 games whilst also building a long term picture
  • Receive feedback on your vital stats, highlighting areas to focus on
  • Analyse fairways, regulations, chipping, bunker play, putting and scoring
  • Dynamic graphs make it easy to study your results
  • Game Plan, Eclectic, Hole by Hole, Matchplay vs Average, Snap Shots


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TAP-IN rap-in

TAP-IN Golf Stats will tell you where your game is at
Match play, Hole by Hole, Snap Shots, Eclectic
TAP-IN Golf Stats is 240 volt electric
Fairways, regulations, scoring and scrambling,
3D graphs, putting tell me if I’m rambling
Head for the course with a plan
And show your mates that you’re the man
Play a round, and if you’re proud
Share it with your Facebook crowd
Subscribing is cheap as chips
But before your cash leaves your hips
Sign up for a 30 day trial
Diving scores will make you smile
TAP-IN Golf Stats will tell you where your game is at!