Start your own Golf Premiership


Most sports have Premierships. Now golf does too.

Super7s gives you and your friends the opportunity to form your own Golf Premiership. 

Use your weekly competition rounds as the basis for scoring points depending on how well you played.

  • Score 7 points for playing to your handicap
  • Plus or minus 1 point for each stroke you vary from your handicap
  • Your best 7 rounds count

The Super7s website makes running your Golf Premiership easy. All you need is one person to be an administrator, and some friends to join in the fun.

And it’s FREE!


Create your own Super7s Premiership for you and your mates ...

You just need one person to be an Administrator


Super7s Administrators choose ...

  • Day of the week that the Super7s Premiership applies to
  • Length of the season
  • Player contribution (Free is an option)
  • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd: cash split (%) or prizes
  • Who to invite (can be from different golf clubs)
    • Each participant will have a GolfLink Number



  • The administrator updates players scores direct from GolfLink
    • Players are automatically emailed the latest Premiership Table
    • The administrator can comment on highlights from that week

Who else can use Super7s?